Schedule Correction Policy & Form

  • Henry M. Jackson High School: 


    Your schedule reflects what YOU requested during spring registration.

    We are accepting correction requests during days 1 - 5 of the new semester (ending on 2/9 at 2:30 PM) using the online correction form.

    The counselors have an additional 5 school days (until 2/16) to process correction requests.

    You MUST attend the classes on your schedule until a change is made OR you WILL be marked absent.

    Check your schedule daily in HAC and Gradebook to see if changes have been made. 



    This is a district policy (Course Catalog page 11 - shown below).

    Schedule changes/corrections will not be made based on lunch, period, or teacher preferences. Although we would not dispute that it would ideal if we could match each student with the teachers of their choice, it would be irresponsible for us to create a policy that we do not have the capacity to fairly apply to all students. It is expected that if a student has a concern with a specific teacher, he or she needs to meet with the teacher/parent/administrator to work toward a resolution. 

    Schedule corrections can ONLY be made for the following reasons:
    1. You are a senior and you need the class as a graduation requirement.
    2. You previously failed the course with the same teacher.
    3. You failed a prerequisite course and/or need to take/retake the pre-requisite course.
    4. You were not scheduled into a core requirement that you requested.
    5. Students are encouraged to enroll in challenging courses in preparation for college & career-readiness. Students will not be allowed to move out of an honors or AP course in which they pre-registered.
    6. Because of the importance of taking rigorous academic classes, at the start of the school year, students will be allowed to move into an honors or AP course, contingent on availability (beginning of school year only).



    If you do not fit the above criteria, a schedule correction cannot occur. 

    Enrollment in yearlong classes :

    A student who enrolls in a yearlong class will be expected to remain in the course for the full year. You may not drop a yearlong class at the semester to take the class via online or Running Start, unless that is in your original pre-registration yearlong plan.


    Adds/drops after the 10th school day of the semester:
    ·         You will receive a failing grade for a class you drop, unless you have a documented medical reason, in which case you will receive an NC (no credit).

    ·         You may not earn credit in classes added after day 10, except with principal approval.


    NOTE: JHS reserves the right to change a student’s schedule without prior student notification.