• Hello Timberwolves!

    High School course options, graduation requirements, and "rules" have changed dramatically over the years.

    To assist, here are some FAQ's to help you better understand the process we follow at JHS...


    Schedule Information: 


    My student would prefer a different class schedule. Can we rearrange their classes?  

    Unfortunately, no. Our master schedule is created after students make their registration requests in the spring. It is important that students seriously consider their class selections as our course offerings are developed based on these selections and students are expected to take the courses they sign up for.   


    My student would like to change a teacher for any reason including differences in learning style and/or differences in personality.   

    We are unable to accommodate specific teacher requests. With 2,200 students attending JHS, it would be impossible to match every student to the teacher of their choice.   


    I am a senior on track to graduate. Do I really have to take 6 classes?  

    No. Seniors who have enough credits to allow a reduced schedule, and who are on track to graduate, have the option to have a Late Arrival or Early Release period(s). This option can be requested when you register for classes within HAC. Interested students must provide a copy of the Late Arrival / Early Release Approval Form to their counselor.   


    I am taking a math class over the summer, what should I do for registration regarding math?  

    Register for the class that is next in your sequence without the summer class. Then when you complete the yearlong summer class let us know. After this, we will change your enrollment to the next class up.  


    I want to take a class in which I have yet to meet the prerequisite. My plan is to take the prerequisite over the summer. Can I still register for that class?  

    Yes. But, you need to talk to your counselor and make sure they know your plans.  


    How do I sign up for an online class through EPS?  

    The JHS OnlineHS Approval Form needs to be submitted to your counselor (paper copies are available in the JHS Counseling Center). With parent/guardian permission, students can sign up for an online class(es) at the beginning or end of the day (typically 1st or 6th period). Due to safety reasons, students aren't able to stay on campus during their OnlineHS class period(s). Because of this, students must establish their own transportation, as district transportation will not be altered to support an OnlineHS class. Students are expected to work on their online class from home. For more information, please visit the Online High School website  


    How many AP classes should I take?  

    Students should consult with their teachers, counselor, parent(s)/guardian(s) & other supportive adults about the appropriate balance of AP classes, as this balance will look very different from student to student. Students should challenge themselves by taking on rigorous coursework that peaks their interest. What is important is to create a consistent level of challenging coursework throughout a student's high school career. Organization, maturity, rigor, and extracurricular activities, should all be considered when choosing AP coursework. Remember that AP classes are college level courses. College students usually take 3-4 classes a quarter, thus high school students should consider creating a similar balance, so as to not get overwhelmed. 


    Does Washington State History count for credit? Does it count as a Social Studies Elective?  

    When students take Washington State History it meets the State graduation requirement of taking a Washington State History course. Students can elect to have their Washington State History course (and grade) added to their high school transcript to count as a Social Studies Elective. For the classes of 2020 - 2023, a parent/guardian must sign off on an approval letter to add the WSH credit/grade to a student's HS transcript. For the classes of 2024+, WA State History will automatically populate onto the student's high school transcript. 


    I am interested in pursuing Running Start/Sno-Isle/NJROTC/Online HS next year, what should I do about registration? 

    Students should still register for 12 JHS classes (6 per semester). Students should also select the appropriate program when registering for classes, and complete the entry paperwork and requirements. Once accepted, students should meet with their counselor to finalize their JHS classes and periods.   


    Registration Terminology: 


    What are Electives?   

    Electives can be one of two things. Less common is a class that does not offer any specific credit except in the elective category, AVID is an example of this. More common is any course that you take after you have met the minimum credit requirement in a subject. For example, if you have earned 3.0 credits of math and take a 4th credit, that 4th math class then becomes an "elective."  Students are required to take 4.0 credits in electives before they graduate. Most students will get these credits completed during their junior and senior year.  


    What is a PPR?   

    PPR is a personalized pathway requirement. Essentially it is a course that connects to your high school & post-HS plans. When students complete their yearly High School & Beyond Plan Survey (completed within Naviance), they will be able to indicate if a course is being used as a "personalized pathway" within their High School and Beyond Plan. An example would be a student that takes an extra science course because the student wants to major in science in college, or a student who attends Sno-Isle to receive training in a specific career area.   


    Common "PPR" & Waiver Questions: 


    Am I able to waive World Language credits?  

    Students can opt to do two years of career-related electives (PPR) instead of two years of a World Language for graduation. Remember, you need a minimum of 2 consecutive years of the same language if you plan to go directly to a 4-year college/university. Students can also opt to take the World Language Assessment which is offered in the Fall and Spring. Students can sign up for the World Language Assessment at the JHS ASB Office. Questions can be answered by talking to your Counselor or with our Assessment Coordinator, Mrs. Erin Thomsen. Students can earn up to 4 World Language credits based on a language they already know. Those who earn 4 credits, will also earn a Seal of Biliteracy when they graduate!


    Am I allowed to waive any Visual & Performing Arts credits?   

    Yes. Students can take two complete years of Visual & Performing Arts credits. Alternatively, students may also opt to waive 1 credit of Visual & Performing Arts by taking one credit of Visual & Performing Arts and one year of a career-related elective (PPR).  


    Am I able to waive any PE credits?  

    No, students can't waive PE credits. But, students do have the ability to earn PE credit, through the PE Competency process, if they are involved a sport that is supervised by a coach. A student must have successfully completed PE 1 before being eligible to complete the PE Competency process. District policy allows students to complete up to 1.0 credit of the Physical Education requirement through the PE competency process. This process is managed by the JHS PE Competency coordinator, Mr. Hutt (dhutt@everettsd.org). Paperwork must be started within the first two weeks of the start of the activity or athletic program. More information can be found on the JHS PE Competency webpage.


    JHS Involvement: 


    How can I learn more about getting involved at Jackson? 

    We encourage students to look at the webpage & reach out to club/activity advisors if you have questions about any of our clubs/activities. Extracurricular informational links: 


    How many classes do I need to be eligible for JHS sports?  

    Students are encouraged to get involved during their high school years! Extracurricular activities truly enrich the high school experience. Students need to be enrolled in at least 5 classes each semester to participate in JHS Athletics. For those students in Running Start (R/S), 12 Running Start college credits each quarter, or a combination of R/S and JHS classes, can be equivalent. More information on available clubs and activities can be found on our JHS website under Student Activities.