• Frequently Asked Questions

    When is 8th Grade Family Night?
    • Please join us for 8th Grade Family Night which is held each year in mid-March. Learn about JHS programs, meet many of our Administrators and staff, see our amazing campus, and talk with teachers to learn more about the curricular options. Check our website and the middle school calendars for specific dates each year.
    When is Freshmen Orientation?
    • Freshmen Orientation is held the day before school starts. Traditionally this is the Tuesday after Labor Day, from 8 - 1pm.  Orientation includes a slew of fun activities for our new Timberwolves, including food! Students will break out into groups to tour the school, and freshmen receive their schedules. 
    When will I receive my 9th grade schedule?
    • 9th graders are given their schedule at Freshmen Orientation (the day before school starts). This is a great way to see where your classes are before school begins. 10th, 11th and 12th grade students receive their schedule on the 1st day of school.
    When do I get my school picture taken, purchase my ASB card or yearbook, etc.?
    • Smile pretty! In August, information will be sent home about what day and times your grade level can come in to pay for your ASB card and/or yearbook, get your school picture taken, etc. Any payments go through our ASB Secretary or there will be online payment options. If you aren't able to make the first school picture day, a make-up day will be scheduled in September or October. 
    What athletics are offered at JHS?  What do I need to do to be involved on a JHS Team?
    • JHS has outstanding teams and athletes!  Check out the Athletics Website more information.  If you have further questions about paperwork requirements, tryout information, sports seasons, etc., contact Mrs. Leuck (425.385.7018), Athletics Secretary.  If you qualify for Free/Reduced lunch, please connect with our Athletic Director, Erik Heinz, (425.385.7016) about how to waive the "pay to play" fees. 
    What clubs are offered at JHS?
    • Clubs are based off of student interest, and are an amazing way to make school more meaningful and fun!  If you are interested in starting a club, you'll want to check in with our Activities Coordinator, Mr. Gadek.  Look over the calendar of events at school and the club list (in the student handbook and on the JHS Club Webpage) for something of interest to you.  If you have questions about a club, be sure to ask the club advisor!
    How many credits do I need to earn to graduate from high school?
    I took a high school level class in grade 7 and/or 8, how do I add that credit & grade to my high school transcript (for example: English 1, Coordinated Science, Algebra 1, Geometry, Spanish 1 or WA State History)
    • For students in the Class of 2021, 2022 or 2023: You can choose to add the credit at any point in high school (you don't have to make this decision during 9th grade). To add the credit, your parent/guardian needs to sign the credit letter or email to the Registrar asking her to post the credit to your transcript. ONCE THE CREDIT & GRADE IS ON YOUR JHS TRANSCRIPT, IT CANNOT BE REMOVED! Contact our Registrar for assistance. 
    • For students in the Class of 2024:High school level courses/credits/grades completed in 8th grade will automatically be added to your JHS transcript. Contact our Registrar for assistance regarding the options related to how those grades are indicated on the transcript, and to find out how to add high school level courses/credits/grades completed in 7th grade. 
    • For students in the Class of 2025+: High school level credits/grades/courses completed in 7th &/or 8th grade will automatically be added to your JHS transcript. Contact our Registrar for assistance regarding the options related to how those grades are indicated on the transcript.
    I took a high school level class in grade 7 and/or 8, but because I earned a lower grade than I hoped, do I have to add it to my JHS Transcript?
    • For students in the Class of 2024+: high school credits completed in middle school will automatically be added to your JHS transcript. Contact our Registrar for assistance regarding the options related to how those grades are indicated on the transcript. 
    • For students in the Class of 2021, 2022 or 2023: NO, you don't have to add the class/grade/credit to your JHS Transcript. It's your choice. If, for example, you took English 1 during 8th grade and passed the class, but you choose not to add it to your JHS Transcript, you can still sign up for English 2 during 9th grade. Just make sure you complete the 4 credits of English that are required to ultimately graduate from high school. Remember, once you add a course to your transcript, you can't take it off.
    I want to get ahead in my math credits by taking an Out-of-District (for example, through BYU, Red Comet, etc.) course over the summer. Is there anything I need to be aware of?
    • Yes! Make sure you read the district policy and submit the JHS Out-of-District & Community College Course Approval Form to your JHS Counselor, before you take the class. Remember, if you are completing a yearlong course (for example, Algebra 1 or Spanish 1) you need to complete the full credit/class before you are allowed to move in to the next course level (for example, Geometry or Spanish 2).
    What state exams do I need to pass to earn my high school diploma?
    • OSPI requires students to pass an English/Language Arts, Science and Math exams to earn a high school diploma. More information can be found on the OSPI website.
    I've noticed there is a "senior year quantitative credit" requirement. What does that mean?
    • It means you need to take math or science class during your senior year (unless you have already successfully completed Pre-Calculus)
    I'm planning to complete a Physical Education Competency Credit via my participation in a JHS or community athletic program. What is required?
    • The PE Competency details are available here: PE Competency Credit. A student can't submit this paperwork until they have taken and passed PE1. This paperwork is processed by a designee at each school (Mr. Hutt is the lead at JHS), so if you have questions or completed paperwork, make sure you touch base with Mr. Hutt. Initial paperwork must be approved before you can start counting your hours.
    I'd like to create my 4-year plan (a list of what classes I'll take in each year of high school). Where can I do this?
    • In grades 9 - 12 students will create an online 4-year plan using the Naviance computer program. 9th graders will continue their use of Naviance through PACK Time & Counseling based lessons. 
    I didn't go to Heatherwood or Gateway Middle School, but will be a new 9th grader at JHS. How do I get signed up to start in the fall at JHS?
    • Please refer to our home page and the details provided on New Student Enrollment Info webpage. We now have Online Enrollment for all EPS schools. Once paperwork is submitted the Counseling Department secretary will contact you for an appointment. Or call 425-385-7010.


    I have a current IEP or 504 Plan.  How will my teachers know I have a disabling condition that requires accommodation? 

    • Your teachers and counselor will have access to your IEP or 504 accommodation plan in September. or when you enroll It's always good to keep a copy of your 504 accommodation plan with you, so that you can talk with teachers about how accommodations are managed within their classroom (for example, if you need copies of notes, some teachers may have them placed in a certain spot within their classroom, while others may hand them to you on the day notes are taken).  
    How do I know who my counselor is?
    • A - Ce         Grades 9 & 10: Ms. Rios; Grades 11 & 12: Mrs. Hormuth
    • Cf - F          Mr. Gerig
    • G - J           Mr. Cain
    • K - L           Mrs. Williams
    • M               Mrs. Hormuth
    • N - Re        Mr. Turner
    • Rf - Tg       Mr. Lerner
    • Th - Z        Mrs. Gregg