My Stop App Information

  • July 2023 Update: Currently My Stop App is available for those students riding Routes 200-310.  


    Connecting schools with their communities,
    One Stop at a Time!
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    With My Stop, parents, guardians and students know exactly where their bus is and what time it will show up at their stop — all from a smartphone or similar mobile device. Never miss the bus again with My Stop.

    What Makes My Stop Unique?  
    My Stop is the only mobile Web browser application that knows each family and when the bus will get to each child’s stop.

    My Stop requires very little setup, especially for parents and guardians. Since usernames are tied to specific students, all a parent needs to do is log in, even if it is for the first time.

    In a one-student household, My Stop will zoom directly to that child’s bus. In the case of multiple students, the application provides parents with a choice of which student to view. Parents can retrieve the information they require in seconds from any location.
    To login the user name will be your students ID and the password is their birth date (no symbols).