Research Approval Process

  • We have begun accepting applications for the 2020-21 school year. Note: due to COVID-19 distancing precautions, and to mitigate teachers and/or students inturruptions or distractions, we have limited research to district staff only. We will continue reviewing all applications when schools are open.
    The deadline to apply is March 1, 2021.

    Research activities under these guidelines include gathering of data at Everett Public Schools or work site, including opinion polls, personal interviews or any approaches to students, staff or parents and/or where access to names or addresses must be obtained from Everett Public Schools.

    • Individuals requesting to conduct any research activity in the Everett School District must submit the following documents electronically to the Assessment & Research Department:
      • Application form with all items completed.
      • Complete research design including all data collection procedures, e.g., all questionnaires, forms, tests and other instruments and communications that would be part of the proposed study.
      • Supplementary materials as appropriate.
    • All research applications must be signed by the principal investigator and the person ultimately responsible for the study, e.g., supervisor, agency head, professor.
    • Evaluation and Research will receive the application and submit the proposed study for review by at least three Everett Public Schools personnel including at least one representing the site at which data are to be collected. They will confer with the identified Area Assistant Superintendent for final approval. This process may take approximately four weeks to complete.
    • When a decision has been reached, notification will be sent to the researcher. Everett Public Schools will indicate the following:
      • Approval. If the study is approved, the Assessment & Research department will notify principals or program managers in those schools or programs where the study is requested.
      • Approval with modification. If the study is approved with modification, the researcher must provide a written response indicating compliance with the modifications before final approval is granted.
      • Denial
    • The researcher will contact the appropriate principals or program managers to complete arrangements for conducting the study. Principals and program managers may deny approval in their schools or program sites except those studies mandated by the Area Assistant Superintendent.
    • The researcher will supply Everett Public Schools with one copy of the final report or abstract prior to publication.