• DocuShare provides a document repository for files used by the public and staff that are accessible 24/7.

    DocuShare help files

    The links below go to pages on the Lincoln Public Schools website. They have graciously allowed us to use their help files.

    For the general users and guests:

    Breadcrumb Navigation in DS 

    Quickly see where you are, and get back where you were.


    Getting a copy of the file in DocuShare onto your own computer.


    A big part of managing documents is finding them in the first place.


    For File Managers:

    Adding (Uploading) Documents to DocuShare 

    Upload your Documents in 4 easy clicks.

    Adding Collections to DocuShare 

    Organizing your Documents and other Objects is easy.


    A difficult part of managing electronic documents has always been keeping track of all the various places the wind has blown a file in its life. DocuShare makes this easy!

    Edit Menu 

    Take charge of your Objects with the commands in the Edit menu of DocuShare.

    Examining Permissions 

    You have the power to control who can see any object you place in DocuShare.

    Modifying Permissions

    Make your file available to other users and guests by modifying the access control list for the object. Here's how.

    File Lists 

    When you open a collection, you see much more than a simple file list. Information abounds in this screen.

    Linking to Objects in DocuShare 

    DocuShare makes emailing attachments obsolete.

    Object types 

    Not everything in DocuShare is a file.


    Definitions for the common terms used in DocuShare.