EPS i-Ready Informational Flyer

  • How does my student log on?

    Your student will click on the i-Ready icon from the Student Tools page on our district website, or from your student's school website, and log in via Clever using their district username and password. If your student is using an iPad, your student will need to download both the i-Ready app and the Clever app. Instructions can be found in the Quicklinks at the right.

    If your student cannot remember their password, they will need to contact Learning Management Systems (LMS) or call 425-385-4200.

    If you have questions about using i-Ready at home, please contact Assessment & Research to discuss. 

    How can I prepare my student for the diagnostic?

    The diagnostic is not like a standard test.

    • If your student has not yet taken the diagnostic, please contact your student’s teacher to have them assign it.
    • The diagnostic is designed to determine what your child knows and doesn’t yet know.
    • The diagnostic is a computer adaptive test, so as your student answers a question correctly, they will get a harder question; if your student answers a question incorrectly, they will get an easier question. In that way, the test will zero in more accurately on your student’s learning level.
    • Please do not help your student while they take the diagnostic.
    • It is important for us to know what your student is not yet able to do because the results of the diagnostic assessment determine the lessons your student will be assigned.
    • Please be there to proctor the diagnostic, however your student should do the diagnostic alone without assistance, including the use of a calculator or dictionary.
    • You student will find this test challenging, and that’s okay. Your student will see questions on material he or she has not yet learned. In this way, we can get the most accurate picture of your student’s learning.
    • If you have questions or problems with the diagnostic, reach out to your child’s teacher, or email smccoard@everettsd.org, aschiessl@everettsd.org, cmatthews@everettsd.org, or qhennigan@everettsd.org
  • What is i-Ready?

    i-Ready is a diagnostic assessment built to support students and teachers in improving student learning. 

    i-Ready has two components: a diagnostic assessment and personalized online lessons. The i-Ready diagnostic assessment is a standards-aligned, computer adaptive assessment that measures how students are progressing toward grade level standards.  It provides teachers with specific standards-based information on student learning.  Students are provided with personalized online learning based on their diagnostic results which helps students fill in learning gaps and allows them to learn at grade level.

    It is a computer adaptive test, which uniquely adapts to each student in difficulty and/or the number of questions in order to get the most accurate results. i-Ready measures how students are progressing towards their grade level standards and provides the teachers with information about student learning. 

    i-Ready does not replace daily instruction that students already receive, nor does it replace the curriculum. 

    i-Ready measures:

    • Reading
      • Phonological Awareness
      • Phonics
      • High-frequency words
      • Vocabulary
      • Comprehension in literature
      • Comprehension in informational texts
    • Math
      • Numbers and operations
      • Algebra and algebraic thinking
      • Measurement and data
      • Geometry


    Who takes i-Ready?

    i-Ready is administered twice per year in reading for grades 3-5 and math for grades 1-5. The reading assessment for grades K-2 and the math assessment for kindergarten are optional. 

    Who do I contact with i-Ready questions?

    The best source of information about your child's learning is your child's teacher. Should you have questions regarding how i-Ready is used in your school, please contact your child's principal. For any more information about this assessment, or other assessments, please contact Dr. Catherine Matthews.