Search Q & A

  • This page is a repository of community questions asked about the search process and will continue to be updated as questions arise.

    Q: Who is responsible for hiring the superintendent? 
    A: Everett Public School Board of Directors is responsible for selecting and employing the superintendent. 

    Q: Even though the board has hired a national search firm, will the board still consider local candidates? 
    A: Yes, the board will consider all viable candidates regardless of location. 

    Q: Why does the board use a search firm to hire a superintendent?
    A: Finding the right candidate to lead Everett Public Schools is currently the most important task of the Board of Directors. Across Washington and around the nation, school districts rely on search firms to provide them with process expertise and access to the best candidates. The search firm will help to:

    • gather stakeholder input from across the community
    • develop a leadership profile
    • identify candidates through existing networks and advertisements in relevant publications
    • cultivate candidates and
    • present finalists for consideration

    Using a search firm enables the board to leverage a vast network to find the right candidate that best meets the leadership profile for Everett Public Schools.