Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps

  • NJROTC - CTE Signature STEM Program

  • NJROTCLocated on the Puget Sound of Washington State, Everett High School Navy JROTC is an Everett Public Schools program with Students/Cadets from Everett, Cascade and Jackson High Schools all within the Everett Public Schools system. Students/Cadets take their NJROTC Naval Science classes at Everett High School.

    Transportation for Cascade, HM Jackson, and Sequoia High School students is provided by Everett Public Schools.

    The purpose of our program is to build strong citizens and develop character with confidence in our students/cadets, so they may achieve success in high school and beyond!

    We are not a pipeline or a recruiting instrument for the US Armed Forces. U.S. Department of Defense policy for all JROTC programs (Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy) prohibits recruiting and or information access by students/cadets except under specific circumstances which are limited and monitored by the Naval Science Instructor Staff and Everett Public Schools policy.

  • Our Naval Science curriculum covers subjects in a practical and experiential learning manner. We promote and foster habits of orderliness, precision and focus which transcend subject areas. We achieve this through the tried and tested methods of naval leadership models and naval leadership development. We help cadets to understand the ideas of followership and how it translates into leadership skills. We cover many subjects, from naval history to global cultural awareness, health and fitness, as well as understanding maritime power and it's relation to trade, commerce and security. We cover nautical sciences such as ship design, oceanography and atmospheric science through our growing Science, Technology, Engineering ,Math and History (STEM-H) programs through innovative hands-on learning.

    Other benefits include:

    1. Community involvement
    2. Competitive events
    3. University scholarship opportunities
    4. Participation in a student-led teaching and mentorship  
    5. Event planning and report building experience
    6. Networking with community members and fellow NJROTC students across the state.

    Extracurricular activities include:

    1. Armed Drill Team* (precision drill with rifles)
    2. Unarmed Drill Team* (precision drill)
    3. Marksmanship Team* (Precision and ‘sporter’ teams)
    4. Physical Strength Team*
    5. Academics Team*
    6. Orienteering**
    7. Drone Team***
    8. eSports Team***

     All of the above activities are open to all cadets who are interested in participating.

    “It’s a great class and I feel welcomed in this open environment and this space. People in our community are very welcoming and it makes me feel great!” – “I have a lot of fun and I get my HS credits out of this, so it works both ways!” – Sophomore ROTC student.

    * We compete in Olympic Division of the Northwest Drill and Rifle Conference –
    ** We compete against many Western Washington High Schools and JROTC units -
    *** These teams are in development.  Currently seeking an adult coach to organize/mentor.  We have the drones.