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    Music4Life is a nonprofit that acquires “lovingly used” musical instruments from adults who no longer need them, repairs them, and provides them to participating public school districts for use by students who need them. Everett Public Schools is now partnering with Music4Life with the goal of making our band, strings, and orchestra programs accessible to all students who would like to participate in our district's music program.

    Why the arts matter

    The opportunity to engage in an arts experience enriches students' lives, and these benefits should be available to all students. “To youth, music opens up the world – its history and cultures – and provides opportunities for teamwork and meaningful self-expression” (from the M4L website). Research shows that students who participate in instrumental music activities do better in math, science, history, literature, international languages, reading, writing, and computer science. Read more about the Benefits of Music Education at

    Make a difference

    Check your basement and attic to see if you have a buried musical treasure that can be re-purposed to enhance a student's experience in our school district. Instruments the community is ready to pass along to a new generation of musicians can be dropped off at any Kennelly Keys location. Learn more about Music4Life and how to donate. Be sure to let Music4Life know that you are supporting Everett Public Schools' music program.

    Thank you!

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