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    10 Lessons the Arts Teach

    The Performing Arts programs in Everett Public Schools provide students with general music and performance skills at the elementary level and opportunities to hone those skills through middle and high school.  


    Every elementary school offers a general music program for all students. Our elementary music program emphasizes basic music theory, note reading, singing, and performance to prepare students for a successful music experience in middle school. Often, the elementary school programs include learning performing and dramatic arts skills. Learning music in elementary school gives our students the opportunity to experience the fun, excitement, and joy that music can offer.

    At the middle school level, students have opportunities to participate in instrumental or vocal music programs. Students develop musically in a variety of genres.

    Students continue their music education in high school in a variety of settings developed to meet student needs. Students may enroll in music courses that further develop their skills and challenge them to the highest level by encouraging participation in contests, festivals and school performances. Students may also enroll in basic courses such as Guitar where they can enjoy learning to master one instrument. Whether a student is serious about music as a potential career path or simply enjoys music, our high schools offer programs for every student.


    High school students have opportunities to develop their performing and dramatic arts skills in theatre programs offered at H.M. Jackson High School, Cascade High School and Everett High School. Students can participate in a variety of performances whether drama or comedy, large or small. Students have the opportunity to focus on dramatic arts skills for several years of high school as they enroll in courses. Students also have the opportunity to develop other theater skills beyond acting, such as directing, managing the stage, and designing sets and costumes.


    For questions regarding the Everett Public Schools Performing Arts Program, please contact:

    Georgia Lindquist, Director, K-12 Literacy and Humanities

    Beth Shipe, Humanities & Literacy Facilitator

    Jeniffer Pitharoulis, Humanities & Literacy Facilitator