Online Safety & Digital Citizenship

  • Each of us has a responsibility to help students navigate the internet safely and establish habits of good digital citizenship. Students learn best when schools andonline safety families work together to support students in using technology and the internet in ways that are safe, responsible and appropriate.

    In modern classrooms and at home, 21st-century technology allows instant access to information and almost unlimited communication options. With these countless opportunities comes great responsibility. 

    The district has web filters in place to block inappropriate content accessed on school devices, but each of us has a role in teaching students safe technology and internet habits while at school and at home.

    In our classrooms and libraries, topics around digital citizenship are taught in a developmentally appropriate way as students move up in grades. 

    In this website section, you will find links to information and resources on a variety of internet safety and digital citizenship topics for use by our staff, families and students.



    Common Sense Media - Rating, Reviews and More
    Common Sense Media - Family Toolkit
    Electronics Resources Policy
    OSPI: Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy Resources
    Teach and Learn Internet Safety

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    Communication  Copyright  Cyberbullying  Digital Footprint   
    Information Literacy   Privacy and Security  Self-image and Identity  social media safety icon