• 21st Century Skills


    Everett Public Schools graduates are college, career, and life ready: They have the academic knowledge, attitudes, and skills to successfully transition to college level coursework, workforce training, and/or employment so they can adapt to the ever-changing world in pursuit of their goals.

    Citizenship icon
    Citizenship is respectfully and positively impacting others and being actively involved in addressing community, national, and/or global issues.

    Collaboration is working interdependently, learning from and contributing to the learning of others for a shared purpose in a wide range of environments.

    Communication is appropriately interacting with others to convey meaning and gain understanding for multiple purposes, settings, and audiences including the digital environment.

    Creativity is generating ideas and approaches to design innovations, construct solutions, build understanding and express perspectives.

    Critical Thinking Critical Thinking is generating questions, evaluating information and arguments, making connections, identifying patterns, reasoning, constructing knowledge and applying it to solve problems in the real world.

    Growth Mindset  
    Growth Mindset is working through challenges, showing tenacity, perseverance, resilience, self-regulation and self-advocacy.