Internship Timeline

  • Internship opportunities for high school students are increasing in availability. They provide valuable skill development and insight on college and career options at the most advantageous time in a student’s academic life. Internships are a way of informing, focusing and helping students eventually choose their pathway to careers; one of life’s most important decisions. 

      Check out 3 easy steps to get you started: 

    Step 1


    Explore the Internship Opportunities page to see what's available. This is regularly updated, it's a good idea to check frequently to see if new internships have opened.                                               

    Step 2

    Fill out Internship Information Request Form and submit to: Andy Sevald, or to your Career Specialist in the Career Center.  Internships are competitive, so get this form in quickly.   

    Step 3

    The Worksite Learning Coordinator will contact you and help you prepare for your internship and experience. Timeline: March - May

    Now that you've applied, what's next? The Worksite Learning Coordinator will be working 1-1 with you.


    Interview with Worksite hosts for acceptance into summer internship positions

    June - August

    If accepted to an internship position, you will receive 1-1 support throughout your experience. You're not alone in this.

     Career pathways for internships:

    Engineering and Manufacturing Internship – Careers in advanced manufacturing offer exciting opportunities in designing and improving products, operating high-tech tools and machinery, analyzing problems and coming up with creative solutions, and working with both your hands and your mind. It can include planning, managing, technical support, control and maintenance.

    Health Science and Medical Careers Internship – Some careers involve working directly with people, while others involve research into diseases or collecting and formatting data and information. It can include therapeutic services diagnostic services, health informatics and support services.

    Communication and Information Technology Internship – The information technology industry is a dynamic and entrepreneurial field that ranges from video production, graphic design, print and digital marketing to computer science. This industry can include development, support and management of hardware software and systems integrations systems.

    Energy and Sustainability Internship – Careers that work on 21st century technology, research, innovation and sustainable methods and projects for our future. Imagine working with NOAA to develop technology to better predict the weather, or with local producers to make food production more efficient and viable.                                        

    Business and Professional Services Internship – These careers can be found in all the clusters, and focus on business skills essential to efficient, productive operations for any company, ranging from launching a business to putting accounting and marketing skills to work in a financial field. Planning, performing government functions, including governance, national security, foreign services, revenue, taxation and regulations.

    Educational Studies Internship –  These careers can range from teaching in a classroom to planning and training educational materials to research. You will learn how to collaborate with others to find successful methods in presenting materials.