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  • Boundary Committee Meeting 20171206
    This is an advisory committee. Its purpose is to develop a recommendation to the superintendent and/or designee for changes to elementary school boundaries necessary for the fall, 2019 opening of new elementary no. 18 in the district's southern region.
    This recommendation was complete May 2018. This allows ample time for completing the district’s boundary approval process by the end of October 2018 - approximately eleven months before the new school opens. Making boundary decisions as far in advance as possible gives families time to make adjustments and plans for attending different schools. This process shall be based on projections for student enrollments and school capacities in fall, 2022. 
    Board approves fall 2019 elementary boundary revisions
    At its June 19 meeting, the board approved fall 2019 elementary boundary revisions which include the Elementary Boundary Committee recommendation to the superintendent with the inclusion of one adjustment that shifts the southern boundary of Forest View Elementary School. The additional adjustment better communicates the boundary committee's intent that driveways exiting on S. 156th Street go to Forest View. It is estimated 1,370 current students will move to a different school in fall 2019 when Elementary No. 18 opens. The boundary revisions create a service area for Elementary No. 18 and help to balance overcrowding of elementary schools in the south region of the district. 
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    October 24, 2017 - Board Meeting
    Gerard Holzman
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