Welcome to Longfellow Property Advisory Task Force

  • Purpose
    To investigate, analyze and recommend to the Superintendent during June 2020 potential and preferred future uses of the Longfellow property by the district, other public agencies, non-profit or for-profit groups; and how much of the site would be necessary to support the projected future needs. These recommendations are to identify the preferred disposition of the Longfellow property and adjacent parking lot including but not limited to:

    • Whether the Longfellow building, located at 3715 Oakes Avenue in Everett WA adjacent to Memorial Stadium, should be historically restored and preserved by the district;
    • If a sale or lease is recommended, provide a list of the essential terms and conditions of such an agreement, recommend the minimum compensation that must be received by the district, and recommend the extent to which the non-building portion of the site is not needed by the district (now or in the foreseeable future) and can be offered as part of the lease/sale; and
    • Whether the district should dedicate the Longfellow building or create a modest monument as another memorial to the late Henry M. Jackson.

    Brief History
    The three-story 25,171 square feet Longfellow building was constructed in 1911at the north end of Memorial Stadium and operated as a grade school until 1971 when it was converted to use as central offices and other support facilities. The adjacent one-story 7,029 square feet annex building was built in 1956 as a cafeteria and gymnasium for the grade school, and it was converted to central support facilities in 1957 as well. In 2013 both buildings were vacated as their staff and departments moved into the district’s new Community Resource Center at the southeast corner of the Memorial Stadium property. These buildings are in poor condition and need significant interior, exterior, mechanical, electrical, structural, ADA and life safety reinvestments.

    Role and Purpose

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    Mike Gunn
    Executive Director of Facilities and Operations