• Internship Timeline and Application

     February – March 2020 | Complete Internship Application 

     April 2020 | Students are Matched to Employers 

    • Based on student interest, information is routed to employers for review 
    • Some employers may request to meet with students interested in internships (school staff will help students prepare for employer meetings) 
    • It is our goal to complete available student-employer internship matches by April 30, 2020 

     May – June 2020 | Preparation for Summer Internship 

    • School and district staff support students in completing required forms, and preparations for interview and internship expectations

     July – August 2020 | 1:1 Support through Internship Experience 


     Each high school has a career specialist and/or an internship teacher ready to help with this process.

          Everett High School   Career Specialist: Dayna Weir   /  Internship Teacher: Tammy Price 

          Cascade High School  Career Specialists: Trish Roberts  /  Internship Teacher: Bree Youngberg

          Jackson High School  Career Specialists: Deron Dahlke   /  Internship Teacher: Daniel Mill

          Sequoia High School  Career Specialists: Tricia Schuldt