• Example Internship Opportunities

    Everett Public Schools works to establish internships that are aligned to regional career that are in high demand (careers with high number of job openings and/or with significant projected growth).


    People in aerospace and advanced manufacturing work with airplanes, robotics, 3-D printers, and other interesting products and tools. The number of people needed to fill jobs in this sector is growing rapidly, so there are many opportunities to get started. Potential internship placements include local engineering firms and aerospace suppliers. 


    Medical and health careers are all about helping others lead health and productive lives. With the aging population and other factors, the number of people in need of care is growing quickly, meaning that the number of jobs in the medical field is forecast to grow. Potential internship placements include local hospitals such as Providence and Kaiser Permanente. 


    Information and communication technology jobs focus on digital tools, technology, and working with complex systems. This sector is particularly accessible through certificate programs, and the earning potential for many of the jobs in this sector is quite high. Potential internship placements include the IT department of local government and businesses, and with the school district’s IT deployment team. 


    Energy and sustainability covers a variety of industries, from energy generation to fire prevention and agriculture. People in this field are often scientists in a lab, working hands-on in the field, and always working to facilitate energy production and sustainability. Potential internship placements include government labs such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and with local agriculture / farms. 


    Business careers cover variety of industries including finance, information technology, healthcare, hospitality, and marketing and retail. Depending on an individual’s interests and skills careers can be found at all levels, from entry level to management. Potential internship placements include the business offices of local government and corporate offices. 


    Careers in education can impact students of all ages. The demand for teachers, para educators, counselors and administrators is high, especially for those with certification in areas including special education, science, math, and English language learners. Potential internship placements include parks and recreation programs and school district summer school.