• Everett Public Schools MTSS Overview

    Everett Public School has implemented a Multi-Tiered System of Support that integrates three key components to success: Academics, Behavior, and Social-Emotional Learning to ensure access to equitable and culturally responsive learning opportunities. culture climate systems instruction four pillars

    In Tier 1, schools collaboratively develop a school-wide focus on Climate, Culture, Systems, and Instruction. In Tiers 2 and 3, schools engage in a teaming process to respond to the progressive levels of student need by providing a continuum of layered supports for identified students. Within all tiers teachers and teams use formative data to identify opportunities to differentiate for all learners.

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     MTSS is not a new initiative, rather it is a framework that aligns the work of our current systems within each school and builds capacity for more robust work. MTSS helps schools organize and prioritize their work as well as utilize resources more efficiently to address complex problems and decision making. This process promotes systematic, data-driven efforts that support all learners, increases teacher efficacy, and enhances student sense of belonging. 

    MTSS allows for district-wide alignment and fosters collaboration around the four Everett Public Schools Pillars.  

  • Director

    Mimi Brown


    Social Workers

    Erin Jackson - MTSS Social Worker - Central Region

    Molly Hart - MTSS Social Worker - South Region

    Julie DeKing - MTSS Social Worker - North Region