Student Tools Explained

  • The Student Tools pages on the website are quck access points for students to district-supported applications. Listed below are descriptions of these applications and log in information. If students have issues accessing these tools they should work with their teachers.  

    For each product links to general privacy policies and terms of service are available. For most products, Everett Public Schools has a contract further protecting students in their use of the application.

Troubleshooting Student Tools

  • Troubleshooting can begin with the following steps:

    1. Clear computer browser cache.
    2. Fully power down and restart the computer (more than close the lid)
    3. Close other browser open tabs.
    4. Check the District's Technology Status Alerts page for announcements or shortcuts to the application's alert page.
    5. Students and parents first consult teacher and if unreachable Request Help.
    6. Staff unable to assist students should open a Support Ticket.

Student Tools Inventory

  • Basic log in information is visible for each of the district-supported applications below. Click on the title to learn more about the application and select Student Tools Information from the left menu to return to the full list.