Summer Exploration Program

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  • Career Link – Exploration (.5 CTE Credit) 

    Geared Towards: Current 8th and 9th Graders

    Structure: Virtual w/ synchronous zooms 3-4 times per week  

    Description: Provides students a look at career opportunities in career clusters that are aligned with their abilities, interests and personalities to formulate academic and career goals, while creating a plan for achievement of those goals through high school course and beyond planning. The 3-week summer course is focused on supporting in-coming freshman and current freshman with an intentional effort to recruit students who can benefit from additional guidance prior to entering high school. Special Education, EL, low income, and AVID students will especially benefit from this course.  

    To learn more: 
    Career Connected, STEM-CTE

    Each high school has a teacher ready to help with this process.

    Everett High School: Tammy Price 

    Cascade High School: Brian Cherniak

    Jackson High School: Bree Youngberg

    Sequoia High School: Tammy Price