Summer Mentorship Program

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  • Career Link – Mentorship (.5 CTE Credit) 

    Geared Towards: Current 10th and 11thGraders 

    Structure: Virtual w/ synchronous zooms 3-4 times per week    

    Description: Provides students a look at career opportunities in career clusters that are aligned with their abilities, interests and personalities to formulate academic and career goals, while creating a plan for achievement of those goals through high school course and beyond planning. Groups will work closely with a mentor to discuss solutions and ideas while applying problem-solving, collaboration, project management, human relations, presentation skills, and networking skills.   

    To learn more: 
    Career Connected, STEM-CTE

    Each high school has a teacher ready to help with this process.

    Everett High School:  Tammy Price 

    Cascade High School: Brian Cherniak

    Jackson High School: Bree Youngberg

    Sequoia High School:  Tammy Price