Multilingual Learner Programs in Everett Elementary Schools

  • Multilingual learner support is provided in all 18 elementary schools in Everett. Each school has an identified ML Designee, a certificated Multilingual Learner or English Language Arts Coach, that coordinates and oversees the program. 

    District Multilingual Learner Facilitators work with classroom teachers to support them in implementing instructional strategies to meet the needs of their Multilingual Learners using the Project GLAD model for instruction. 

    In addition, ML Para-educators pre-teach academic vocabulary using structured lessons for small groups of Multilingual learners. Students that have recently arrived in the United States and are at lower proficiency levels of English also receive support using a specially designed curriculum. 

    Finally, Multilingual learners have access to an adaptive computer program, Imagine Language & Literacy, that supports students in developing their English listening, reading, speaking, and vocabulary. 

Elementary Multilingual Learner Staff