English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st Century (ELPA21)

  • students writing in notebook during test The ELPA21 is the assessment used in Washington State to determine a student's eligibility for English Learner services. When a student first enrolls in Everett Public Schools, parents complete a Home Language Survey. This survey asks what language is spoken in the home, and what is the child's first language. If the answer to either question is a language other than English, the student takes an English language proficiency screener. This brief assessment determines a student's skill in listening to, speaking, reading, and writing English. If the student scores at a level 1 (emerging) or 2 (progressing), the student qualifies for EL services. If the student scores at a level 3 (proficient), the student does not qualify for EL support.
    EL students are re-assessed on the annual ELPA21 in February.  Their scores determine whether they continue to qualify for service in the following year. Students continue to qualify for EL support as long as they score at a level 1 or 2. Once a student scores at a level 3, the student is exited from direct EL support. However, his or her progress is monitored for two additional years, and support is provided if the student struggles academically in his or her classes.
    For further information about the ELPA21, please see the ELPA21 website:http://www.elpa21.org/