School Safety Begins with Teamwork

  • Everett Public Schools recognizes that schools should be a place where our students, staff and community feel safe. Teamwork makes this possible. We employ security staff and school resource officers (SROs) who work collaboratively with our school communities to ensure safety and security across the district.

security staff relationships expressed in graphic form

  • Roles of district security staff:

    District Security Team perform checks of campuses after hours and on weekends and holidays to prevent unauthorized access, ensure campuses are secure, deter illegal activity and respond to alarm notifications. 

    District Security Staff:

    David Johnson

    Brian Deatherage

    Scott Sutton

    For more information about Safety and Security staff in our schools, please view Policy 4410 and Procedure 4410P.


  • Safety and security staff work to build healthy, positive relationships with our students, parents, staff and community to ensure a safe, inclusive and positive environment for learning.



security team picture