Communications in an Emergency

  • In an emergency situation, the school district will communicate with parents through the mass communication system, which can send text, phone and email messages to every authorized guardian on file with the school. The messages can go to staff, too, reaching everyone’s phones within minutes. The district also posts announcements on the district website and posts on the Everett Public Schools Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  pages.

    If an emergency response includes setting up the district call center to accept calls, that number is 425-385-5555. The phone number is not available until we activate the call center system.

    The district partners with the local 911 center, the sheriff’s department, local police, fire and other emergency responders to stay in contact during an emergency. Our schools use an emergency app called RAVE 911, which is directly linked to 911 services and notifies key people in the district whenever a staff member calls 911. 

  • How can you help?

    If you have important information about an incident or a report of injured people, call 911. However, sometimes in a widespread emergency, the phones lines get jammed quickly. So keep your phone calls to friends and family to a minimum. Texting and posting to social media may be a better way to let your friends and family know you’re ok because they use different lines than phone calls.

    If there is an emergency and your child's school is in a lockdown, when and if it is safe to do so,

    Watch your phone for a message from the district with more information, which might include where to meet up with your child, if needed.

    DO NOT:
    Arrange your own pick-up location with your family.

  • DO:
    Send comforting, reassuring text messages to your child if your child has indicated that it is safe for them to receive texts.

    DO NOT:
    Send frequent or alarming messages to your child. They may need to focus on what staff are asking them to do and may not be able to reply to you right away.

    Share the district call center number with friends or other family to report or get more information. We’ll let you know when that phone number and call center are activated.

    DO NOT:
    Call your child or the school during a lockdown.