Sexual Health Curriculum Review 2023-24SY

  • 5th grade sexual health curriculum adoption reviewThis page is for the Sexual Health curriculum currently under review. This page is for information purposes only and will be taken down at the end of the curriculum review process. 

    Our committee has been formed and is comprised of students, community members, and teachers from all school levels and meets regularly through the adoption and review process. 

    Our community meeting will be held at the Community Resource Center, December 14, 4-6 p.m. in Board Room A.

    If you are interested in reviewing the curriculum options, or want to discuss your thoughts and questions, please join us. 

    Our two curricula in review are FLASH and 3Rs.

State Requirements

  • Senate Bill 5395 passed by the Legislature and Washington voters in 2020, went into effect on December 3, 2020.

    It requires all public schools to provide comprehensive sexual health education (CSHE) to all students by the 2022–23 school year.

State Standards Required

  • All WA state Sexual Health curriculum must include:

    • HIV/STD prevention (required annually starting no later than grade 5).
    • Human growth and development.
    • Affirmative consent (understanding and respecting personal boundaries).
    • Bystander intervention (how to safely intervene when witnessing bullying, harassment, or sexual violence).
    • Healthy relationships (with friends and family).
    • How to avoid exploitative relationships.