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    This is my 34th year of providing Occupational Therapy services in the Everett School District.   I continue to enjoy working with children on developing their fine and gross motor skills for participation in the educational environment along with helping students find enjoyment with movement play and participation in the wonderful realm of fine motor play. 

    While I have worked at a number of schools in that time, I am currently based at Emerson Elementary and Garfield Elementary.

    During the current school closure, March 16-April 24th, 2020 due to the coronavirus, the Everett School District OT/PT department has compiled resources to support you and your child in maintaining a health and vital lifestyle by providing fine motor, gross motor and sensori-motor materials and links.  Please refer to the Everett School District main website Student Page and search under Learning Engagement in the blue column on the left side.  This link will get you there:  https://www.everettsd.org/Page/31233   The OT/PT resources are in Special Programs.  Elementary IEP resources should come up under the box after the Special Programs box is launched.


    GoNoodle has a large variety of videos for kids to watch and follow along with to work on motor skills. Click the link, select a video and have your student follow along with the movement in the video. You can select a few videos to follow along with and then practice those movements throughout the day



    The Inspired Treehouse has 400-therapist approved activities for kids. Select one activity that is of high interest to you and your student and follow the steps. 



    OT Plan has an extensive bank of activity ideas to assist with practicing and supporting a range of skills  Once or twice a week utilize these links either video or activities and engage your student to practice their motor skills 


    Please feel free to keep in contact through my email.  sambacher@everettsd.org

    Be safe and take care!


    Sheri Ambacher

    Monday (a.m.) & Thursday (p.m.) Garfield

    Monday (p.m.), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (a.m.)

    Friday - home being a parent!