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Buy 10 portables for elementary and middle schools (completed)

Forest View Portable


The 2016 levy funded 10 portable classrooms for elementary and middle school growth. Costs include furniture and equipment, classroom technology, security systems, ramps, stairs, raised walkways, and utility connections.


  Location   Forest View, Cedarwood, Emerson, Eisenhower
  Architect   Studio Meng Strazzara
  Contractor   Pacific Mobile & Electrical Contractor
  Estimated project cost   $2,800,000
  Estimated completion   Fall 2020
Project update as of Sept. 4, 2018 
All portables are complete and occupied.
Project update as of Jul. 5, 2018 
Ten portables from the Bond have been delivered to North Middle School to use temporarily during the course of construction.  These portables will later be used to house high school students due to growth needs.  We are currently waiting on one additional portable to be delivered to North Middle School.
Project update as of June 13, 2018
Portables have been delivered to View Ridge, Whittier, Emerson, Eisenhower, Monroe and Silver Lake.  The contractor is in the process of delivering portables to the remaining schools.
Project update as of May 9, 2018

Permits have been submitted and we have about half in hand.  All the north end portables are onsite.  We are out to bid on the electrical packages. 

Project update as of Mar 27, 2018
Public Works is reviewing the report from the civil engineer. They hope to have a permit issued this week.   
Project update as of Mar 9, 2018
Permit drawings for the portables to be installed temporarily at North Middle Schools were received. Work is being done with architects to get site drawings complete to meet with the school principals.
Project update as of Feb 1, 2018
Portable work for Monroe and Silver Lake is ongoing. Ten portables have been ordered for North Middle School to be used during construction and then moved to one of the high schools.  Eisenhower will add portable #7 this summer and exhaust all Bond designated portables. 
Project update as of December 11, 2017 
A series of meeting have been scheduled with key departments to determine the portables needs for the 2018-2019 school year. Two portables have been ordered for Silver Firs Elementary and one for Monroe Elementary to be installed this spring.