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Everett Memorial Stadium synthetic turf field (completed)

Memorial Stadium field
The project included removal of the infield, outfield and warning track, which was replaced with a new synthetic turf playing surface.
  Location   Everett Memorial Stadium
  Architect   D.A. Hogan and Associates
  Contractor   Premier Field Development, Inc.
  Estimated project cost   $1.8 million
  Estimated completion   Completed
  Funding source   Snohomish County and the AquaSox are each providing $300k; Everett Public Schools is paying the balance of $1.2 million.
April 12, 2018
Everett High School versus Snohomish High School at first game on new field ‪Everett High School vs. Snohomish High School at the FIRST game on the brand new turf field at Memorial Stadium.
March 9, 2018 
Turf field has been removed and ground being prepped for new turf Everett Memorial Stadium should be ready for the first high school baseball games next month. Weather has played a part in the schedule, and we currently expect Everett High School to have their first game on the new field during, or just after, the second week of April.
Cascade and Henry M. Jackson high schools are looking forward to playing on these fields too. Soggy fields and cancelled games will no longer be a problem!
Many thanks for the partnership with Snohomish County Government and Everett AquaSox to get this project completed.


Watch a short video of contractors spraying down field with water while bulldozers level the field.

Oct. 10, 2017
Everett AquaSox mascot, Webbly, in bulldozer Starting this week, you may see equipment at the Memorial Stadium to start replacing the baseball field to improve playability after rain events. The project includes removal of the infield, outfield and warning track, which will be replaced with a new synthetic turf playing surface.

Initially, in early July, the plan was to replace existing natural grass surfaces with natural grass. That plan changed soon after to include synthetic turf for the infield, outfield and warning track surfaces. Read our news release for more information