How Let's Talk! Works

  • Let's Talk Let's Talk is an online customer experience solution that makes it easy to engage with school and school district leaders on the topics that matter most. Unlike an email, your inquiry is automatically routed to the person or team best suited to respond, ensuring you receive timely and accurate responses every time.

    But the power of Let's Talk! doesn't stop with a response. District leaders can access a real-time dashboard that provides them with key metrics for understanding and improving the customer experience - using each conversation to better serve you.

  • phone 1. Submit your feedback

    Share questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, or kudos via the district website or Let's Talk! mobile app. The following departments are piloting Let's Talk!:  

    clock 2. Receive a thank-you message

    You’ll receive a thank-you message letting you know your submission has been received and when to expect a response.


    image with message and arrows 3. The right person is notified

    Your submission will be automatically routed to the appropriate person or department for a timely and accurate response.


    people with thought bubble 4. A response is crafted and sent

    Team members compose and send responses.


    envelope image with arrow 5. Receive an email response to your submission

    You’ll receive an email response to your submission that is complete, accurate and courteous.


    thumbs up 6. Share feedback on your experience

    An additional email will ask you to rate your customer experience.


    magnifying glass 7. The district measures its progress

    District leaders use their dashboards to help monitor key metrics and trends. Your feedback helps them improve each interaction.




    If you submitted anonymously, the appropriate person or department will receive your input, but will not be able to respond directly to you.



    You can also provide your phone number to receive a response over the phone.