Some questions you might ask:

  • How do I get a login/password?

    Email the LMS team at lms@everettsd.orgwith your name, student name(s), student ID# and/or DOB and school they attend.  We will respond with your login/password by email.  Our system will only send information to the email on file with the school. 

    How do I change my email at the school?

    Call or stop in your child's school to confirm or change your email on file in the student database.  (Next question also has a way to change it online.)

    What if I want to change my email, the contacts listed on my student’s account, their contact information or their access to my student’s records?

    You can make changes to the phone number or email addresses of your child or your own contact information IF you are a guardian who lives with the student. If you are a guardian with web access, you can update your own phone number online. For all other information updates you will need to contact your student’s school. Additional guardian(s) whom you would like to authorize to have access to student information online require the primary guardian to contact the school. All additional guardians should be prepared to show personal identification and parenting plan, if applicable.

    How do I see all the links on my IPAD?

    We have found that the private setting on the IPAD does not show all links. If you change this setting, it should help you see the full program. When you open a browser - in the upper right corner you will have the option to deselect Private. We have found this solves the issue.

    How secure is LMS?

    The  system requires a username and password that is unique to each person accessing student information. You can keep your students’ information secure by not sharing your username and password with anyone. Please keep your login information in a secure place.

    If I can’t log in, who will be able to help?

    If you have trouble logging in you can email

    If I don’t see one of my children in the test scores and transcript view, who will be able to help?

    The Change Student command is in the upper right hand corner of the screen. If you log in and don’t see all the students you should see, please contact that student’s school or

    If I don’t see one of my middle or high school children in the gradebook; who will be able to help?

    Is there a “triangle” or drop down arrow next to your student’s picture in the middle and high school students' gradebook view? If so, click on the arrow for the option to see additional children. If you log in and don’t see all the students you should see, please contact that student’s school or

    I can't see my elementary students when I login to LMS.

    The elementary schools are not using the Gradebook at this time. You can log-in through the "info" button on the LMS website for the All Levels K-12  view to see attendance, discipline, test scores and registration information.

    My computer is holding on to old information. What do I do?

    You may need to clear the cache on your computer between logins, or if you have multiple children trying to log-in to a site.  Directions are here for Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.