Why 1:1?

  • students 1 to 1 Equity and access are concepts deeply woven into the work of Everett Public Schools. Technology accessibility can be a barrier to full participation in classrooms. Providing technology and digital resources helps increase equity with assistance technologies like text-to-speech, audio, translations, reformatting text within instructional materials, programs that differentiate instruction, adaptive testing, and other assistive technology tools. The community's support for providing technology to each student allows the school district to keep technology up to date and operational. It also allows us to select learning technologies to integrate in all classrooms.

    Examining the needs of our students as they advance from kindergarten to graduation, the power of the computer’s operating system becomes more important as students look for better graphics, device storage and higher power processors. This factored into selecting devices for high school students that can be taken home. Middle school students have a different device model with device-based storage and still a take-home plan. Elementary students will have an Internet-based device housed in carts in the classroom.


    National Education Technology Plan