Cyberbullying and Digital Drama

  • Cyber bullying

    With all the advancements in the digital age, there come some hazards. Digital distance and perceived anonymity have led to behaviors that are hurtful and cross into bullying when the behavior is unwanted, aggressive and threatening. Digital drama and  emotionally charged online conversations can also slip into bullying. When power is out of balance and used to harm others physically, emotionally, or repeatedly it is bullying. When electronic technology is involved it is termed cyberbullying and its very nature makes it pervasive as it can impact the victim 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

    Key ways to handle cyberbullying include:
    • Staying aware of what kids are doing online.
    • Reporting any hurtful communication as soon as possible.
    • Having open and frequent conversations about how to act responsibly online.

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    Common Sense Media Cyber Bullying and Digital Drama