gears inside gears Everett Public Schools is dedicated to implementing an equitable, accessible, and sustainable system through the following steps:
    1. Prepare action steps as a leadership team for each goal area (leadership, teaching, learning, assessment, outreach, and infrastructure) and integrate into the Annual Operating Plan (AOP).
    2. Budget financial resources to sustainably fund the various digital, human, and technological resources necessary to meet the goals of the plan from capital, general fund, and other sources. 
    3. Coordinate with school administration, associations’ leadership, operational managers, directors, and cabinet leadership to identify activities and outcomes leveraging technology in the annual operating plan, department plans, and school improvement plans. 
    4. Use advisory councils and strategic partnerships to review plans and progress toward plans’ goals. 
    5. Install robust infrastructure in advance of device deployment to assure equitable access to high-speed 24/7 connectivity. 
    6. Expand building staff to address both technical and instructional support for the expansion and utilization of technology. 
    7. Coordinate with curriculum, instruction, special education, categorical programs, and assessment departments related to a core instructional design to align learning technology tools to instructional and curricular goals and universal access. 
    8. Develop technology proficiency expectations and accompanying professional development offerings in collaboration with each district working group. 
    9. Plan with shared leadership team training for all teachers’ abilities to reach proficient and distinguished levels in effectively creating technology–transformed learning environments. 
    10. Review annually the effectiveness and efficiency of deployment/upgrade plans for central systems to confirm or reconsider short-term and long-term requirements, assure equitable access, and upgrade or update as needed. 
    11. Review annually roles and responsibilities for plan’s action steps and re-evaluate targets.