• Kindergarten registration began March 4, 2019 for 2019-20 enrollment.

    All children entering kindergarten in 2019-20 must be 5 years old by August 31, 2019.

    For those students who will attend Tambark Creek, our newest elementary school opening Fall 2019, you may submit your kindergarten registration forms at any of the south end elementary schools.

    The day you register your child, please bring the completed registration forms as well as the following required items:

    • Proof of age: A birth certificate; a religious, hospital, or physician's certificate showing date of birth; a passport; an adoption record; previously verified school records; an affidavit from a parent; an entry in a family Bible; or any other documents permitted by law. Birth certificates for children born in Washington state may be obtained at the Snohomish County Health District Vital Statistics office. Call 425-339-5290 or request online at http://www.snohd.org/300/Birth-Certificates. Out-of-state birth certificates may be ordered from http://www.vitalchek.com.
    • Current proof of address: utility bill, rental agreement, homeowner's policy, etc.  The document must show the parent/guardian's name and address.
    • Certificate of Immunization and Child's Health History. Contact your child's physician or the Snohomish County Health District at 425-339-5220 regarding information about vaccinations and updates. A parent's guide to immunizations is also available through the Snohomish County Health District's website.
    • Parenting plan/court order, if applicable.
    • Proof of guardianship if student is living with an adult other than the parent.