• AP Exams during COVID-19

    The AP College Board has made adjustments to the regular AP testing process and schedule in order to adhere to the “Stay home stay healthy” mandate and while schools are closed. The AP exams will be taken at home with a different format. Below is a list of helpful questions and answers regarding AP exams. If you have further questions, please contact your AP teacher.

    Details for AP Testing (updated 5.4.2020)

    Helping your Student Prepare for AP Exams webinar recording

    New AP exam schedule and fees

  • How will students prepare for the AP exams?

  • How will the exam differ from past years?

  • Can students opt out at this point?

  • Can a student opt in at this point?

  • When will AP exams be administered?

  • What if my student does not have a computer or internet access?

  • Will my student still get college credit for their AP score?

  • What are the logistics of taking an AP exam at home?

  • How will my student get his/her accommodations based on his/her IEP or 504 plan?

  • How will the College Board prevent cheating?

  • How will teachers know how students performed?