• 2022 Replacement Capital Levy

    The Replacement Capital Levy, Proposition 2 on the ballot, is a 6-year levy. The funds will be collected in 2023 - 2028 and account for approximately 92% of Everett Public School's capital fund revenue. 

    The levy provides funding for essential projects and technology in the district. The six-year cost for the replacement capital levy is $325.5 million.

  • Watch levy videos to learn about specific projects included in the Capital Levy:

  • technology icon

    Our students benefit from ongoing integration of technology into their learning.

    • To maintain the 1:1 device program, all devices will stay updated, supported and properly maintained
    • The district’s technology infrastructure will stay upgraded and safe, and digital licenses renewed
    • Building on what we learned about remote learning during COVID, technology will stay updated for innovative teaching and new requirements for Career Pathways
    • $96 million

    Did you know running a school district creates the same needs for technology and business systems that a corporation with a budget of approximately $500 million would need? In fact, those business systems are critical since the district must report to the state, the federal government, and to our community members how district dollars are spent.

    increased safety icon

    Our students will learn in buildings that are made to be safer and more secure.

    • Buildings will restrict unauthorized access
    • Sensors will be replaced to provide consistent functioning
    • $2 million

    Did you know our facilities accommodate about 20,000 students, 2,400 staff and hundreds of visitors every school day, and our safety/security systems must be upgraded and maintained to keep them safe and secure?

    equal access icon

    Every student in our district will have the same opportunity to learn in well-functioning, safe and modern spaces. 

    • Buildings will be replaced or upgraded to meet ADA and seismic requirements, and be able to support current programming needs
    • High school classrooms will hold equipment and lab space to accommodate new science standards and STEM career-connected pathways
    • Cafeterias will be reconfigured and have additional space to seat students and serve students efficiently
    • $171.5 million

    Did you know our high schools do not have the appropriate spaces and equipment to teach the new science standards, or STEM pathways? Or that cafeterias are so crowded students may skip lunch because they do not have a place to sit? Studies have shown having a well-maintained school can have a positive impact on a student’s academic success, and all of our students deserve that.

    maintenance icon

    Our facilities are valuable community assets and will be maintained to increase their life expectancy and comply with state mandated upgrades.

    • Roofing, flooring and HVAC systems must be upgraded or replaced at all schools when they wear out to provide safe and healthy environments for our students
    • New playground equipment and bleachers will improve safety and student experience
    • The state passed a law in 2019 requiring specific commercial buildings to comply with new energy use targets which will require major work at five of our schools
    • $54 million

    Did you know school roofs should be replaced every 20-30 years, and they cost around $2 million per roof to replace, depending on the size of the building? And to comply with the new Clean Buildings Act, our district will need to spend approximately $30 million in upgrades at six different sites?