• Replacements of Educational Programs & Operations (EP&O) Levy and Capital LevyWhen schools are strong, communities thrive. Everett Public Schools

    Our local levy dollars, when approved by voters, provide funds that stay in our district and help our students.

    Replacing both expiring levies within a stable tax rate, that also addressed the educational needs of all our students, was a primary goal in planning the renewal levies for the February 8, 2022 election.  

    Having good schools and facilities has a positive effect on our neighborhoods. Better schools help build a stronger community, which will improve our quality of life, keep crime down, and help increase the values of our homes.

    All students should be given the same opportunities regardless of their abilities, backgrounds, or family income. This funding will ensure all students in Everett Public Schools have the same opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.

    If you have questions about either levy, email communications@everettsd.org.

  • The passing of both the replacement EP&O and capital levies will increase your Everett Public Schools-related property tax rates by an estimated $0.84 per $1,000 AV, when compared to 2022 and an estimated $0.33 when compared to 2021. However, the new tax rates will still be substantially lower than rates paid by district property owners prior to 2021.

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      tax spreadsheet              tax bar chart

  • Watch levy videos to learn more about specific projects included in the Capital and EP&O Replacement Levies:

  • What is the difference between a capital levy and an EP&O levy?

  • What does it take to pass an EP&O levy?

  • What does it take to pass a capital levy?

  • How will my tax rate change?

  • On the EP&O levy, why are you asking for a rate that is above the allowable?

  • Are there tax exemptions for some?

  • How do I register to vote and vote in this election?

  • When is the election?

  • When should I expect my ballot?

  • How did you choose the projects to be on the capital levy?

  • I thought you could only build buildings with bonds? Why is a school rebuild on the capital levy?