Natural Leaders



    Natural Leaders serve as multi-cultural bridges between students, families, communities, and schools.  

    Natural Leaders are multi-cultural families who want to learn more about the education system to support partnerships between families, communities, and schools.

    They are leaders in their community that work as a team with family advocates, family support centers, and school staff to:

    1. Build relationships with families
    2. Listen to families ideas on how to help their children be successful in school
    3. Bring families and schools together to plan/implement the families' ideas


    How the Natural Leaders Program Works:

    • Currently, our online training academy consists of a 1.5-hour session, once per week, for 5 weeks. The training academy is held twice per year at this time.
    • These trainings are open to school staff and parents; however, parent leadership will be centered.
    • Natural Leaders training highlights effective collaboration between families and staff.
    • Parents become empowered through leadership and social-emotional learning. They then work together to implement them into their school communities. Staff learn ways to center intercultural families and let them take the lead. 
    • For more information on how to get started, see our downloadable Natural Leaders One Pager

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