• In collaboration with the Equity and Access Council as well as the EPS Librarians, we are pleased to bring Diverse Libraries to each school throughout our district. After a year of vetting, processing, and categorizing, we have distributed over 1,400 books to reflect the diverse backgrounds of our students. Every book purchased for our Diverse Libraries was fulfilled by our community partner Estelita's Library, a local BIPOC-owned Justice Focused Community Bookstore & Library. 

    Learn more about Estelita's Library by clicking the image below:

    In addition to the distribution of books, our department and council partnered together to create "One Voice, One Message." 

    "Everett Public Schools is leading with our commitment to creating a sense of belonging and presence for all students. We believe that all students, inclusive of race, ethnicity, gender, ability, beliefs, sexual orientation, and identity, have the right to see themselves and others reflected in our school communities and curriculum. We are dedicated to providing access to a variety of literature which authentically represents the diversity of our students with the intent of raising intellectual openness, analysis, personal enjoyment, and cultural awareness of others.”

    Additionally, as a continuum of the Diverse Libraries, and students seeing themselves represented in their schoolwork, our department is sending out Colors of the World crayons to each school site! So far, all ECEAP, Developmental Pre-K, Kindergarten and Developmental Kindergarten classrooms, first through third grade classrooms have received them, as well as all school libraries and all MS and HS art classrooms to align with the EPS Student Priority Outcomes 2021-2026!

    ** A list of all recommended and vetted book titles here!


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