Career Connected Learning

  • Career and Technical Educaton (CTE) prepares students for post-secondary training and successful careers, by ensuring that ALL students explore and develop professional skills that will open pathways to opportunities.  Students explore potential careers through Career Connected Learning, which weaves together school based learning, extended learning, and work-based learning.

    School based learning: As early as kindergarten students can experience school-based career learning with guest speakers and project/problem based learning. In middle school, students can take career and technical education (CTE) courses, which blends academics with career exploration experiences.  High school strenghtens student skills and career exploration through internships, apprenticeships, free college credits and industry (professional) certifictions for their next pathway.

    Extended learning:  Extended learing experiences are found within CTE courses and extended afterschool.  Career Technical Student Organizations are examples of education found within the classroom and extends to after school to inspire students to discover their passions, and put their in class learning to action.  Our robotics team begin in elementary and extends to high school. 

    Work based learning: Youth apprenticeshipsinternships and high school jobs are examples of work-based learning, offering students opportunities to work with community members to gain professional knowledge and skills (and potentially high school credit).

    The City of Everett is partnered with the Everett School District to create the Everett Career Link internship program. The program serves to link local businesses with emerging local talent for a 90-hour summer internship.

     Career connected learning infographic

    If you or your business would like to partner with Everett Public Schools and its career connected learning efforts, please consider an employer engagement opportunity.