In-Season Athletic Field/Gym Rental


    Seasonal athletic facility use requests are not scheduled through the online scheduling system

    Due to a high volume of requests during the regular athletic seasons, it is necessary to collect all requests by the due dates listed below.  All seasonal facility requests are scheduled by group priority governed by the facility use fees schedule.

    Due Dates for Seasonal Athletic Use:

    Fall Field Use (Football, Soccer) – June 15
    Winter Gym Use (Basketball, Volleyball) – September 15
    Spring Field Use (Baseball, Lacrosse, Softball) – January 15

    Required Forms:

    Other Requirements:

    • Mandatory Certificate of Liability Insurance: A Certificate of Insurance (COI), naming Everett Public Schools, its employees, and its agents as additional named insureds, providing comprehensive general liability insurance, including personal injury and property damage, and automobile liability (when applicable) in amounts not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 in the aggregate or a combined single limit of $3,000,000 shall be submitted at least two weeks before facility use begins. Coverage shall not be canceled or modified without 45 days prior written notice to Everett Public Schools. If self-insured, User must provide proof-of-insurance coverage acceptable to Everett Public Schools for the purpose of the rental.
    • Team Roster: Participant rosters must be provided for groups  III, IV, and VI including names and addresses of players/participants (P.O. boxes will automatically be audited as out-of-district).  Rosters are due no later than 2 weeks prior to your start date. Groups V and VII may disregard the roster audit process.
    • Mandatory Pre-Season Meeting: A user group representative is required to attend our pre-season meeting prior to the first date of use. Invitations will follow approved use confirmation notifications.

    Off-season facility use requests (example: Fall or Spring season gym use for basketball user groups) should be submitted using the online request process.