• K-12 Coordinated Curriculumblue
    The Everett Public Schools STEM-Science program provides a comprehensive K-12 curriculum for all students. Staring in kindergarten, students receive a year-long science program that covers the Washington State Science Standards in depth. The science understanding gained in each grade builds from prior years and leads to a higher level of conceptual understanding of life, physical, and earth science as students move from year to year. This progression insures that students graduate with a solid understanding of the scientific world that will prepare them for college, career, and life in an increasingly scientific and technologically embedded world.

    Our STEM-science program consists of district supported science and engineering modules in kindergarten through eighth grade. Our high school program is based on an inquiry/project based model. We support our students and teachers through a central Science Resource Center (SRC) located at Hawthorne Elementary. 

  • STEM Pathways blue
    Meeting the demands of the 21st century will require our schools to provide students of all ages with a broad range of skills, knowledge, and abilities. These pathways need to begin early. Starting in kindergarten students in the Everett Public Schools receive a full year of science education that encompasses biology, earth, and physical science. As a student progress through grades they take part in a science program that builds on preceding concepts. Starting in 7 grade, science mixes with Career and Technical Education (CTE). Students not only receive a solid and deep background in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) but also begin to think about how their science understanding relates to careers that meet their interests and skills. High school provides a course offering that allows students to specialize in the STEM pathways of engineering, health science, computer science, and green technology. We want students to graduate with a head start on their path of college and career readiness. 

  • Elementary Engineering 
    Engineering education in the Everett Public Schools is about more than developing engineers. It is about developing students with the 21st Century skills necessary for college and career.  Starting in the first grade, students take part in the Museum of Boston’s Engineering is Elementary (EIE) curriculum. The lessons require complex thinking and integration of science content from their regular science module. Students tackle problems such as cleaning up oil spills, designing a model maglev transportation system, and constructing a strong bridge.