Support for Internet Access at Home

  • Home Internet access

    Student computers taken off campus still maintain the security and filtering protection available at school. Here are some tips to connecting to a home network.

    Program to help with home Internet

    Everett Public Schools is pleased to announce its selection as a Sprint Foundation's 1 Million Project for high schools. Their mission is to provide 1 million devices that allow for Internet access to 1 million eligible high school students across America who do not have Internet access at home.

    Eligibility for the 1 Million Project is limited to high school students who do not currently have Internet access at home. A lack of home Internet access is defined as:

    1. No Internet access in the home or
    2. Multiple students in the household with access to a single computer, or
    3. Dial-up Internet at home.

    Students meeting any one of the requirements will receive a free wireless Internet hotspot with up to 3GB per month of high-speed Internet connectivity while enrolled in a participating high school. This year Everett High School and Sequoia High School may apply for the program.

    For more information and to determine eligibility, families of Everett and Sequoia students should complete the consent form and return to Everett High School's or Sequoia High School's main office.