• Here is a link to a role of adult agencies flow-chart. This helps differentiate between the agency services and also provides their contact information. 

    The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) assists individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to access services and supports appropriate for the individual's personal goals.

    The mission of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) is "to empower individuals with disabilities to achieve a greater quality of life by obtaining and maintaining employment." DVR works with people with disabilities and their employers to support positive working experiences. The second link is directly to DVR's transition services, and includes a great video on transition. DVR also has a tip sheet for making a referral.

    WorkSource is a local agency that helps students find employment and training. They offer classes on writing resumes and filling out applications. They also have a strong database of local job postings.

    Service Alternatives
    offers a spectrum of services that include employment services, residential services, wraparound/kinship services, foster care, school-based services, independent living support, consultation and training.

    Work Opportunity's
    mission is for persons with disabilities to fully participate in their community through employment, social and recreational activities.

    Washington Vocational Services
    are dedicated to providing employment services that meet the needs of the employers as well as those of the job seeker. They assist people with career counseling, work skills building, supported employment, and much more.

    Washington Initiative for Supported Employment
    works toward expanding employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. They offer technical assistance, project design and demonstration, ADA consulting, financial systems analysis and design, information technology assessment and organizational development and management coaching. They work with employers to see the benefits of hiring someone with a disability. They also have great resources and webinars for individuals and families as well. Make sure to sign up for their monthly newsletter to hear the latest news.