Social Security News

  • Do you want to get a job? The Benefits Specialist at Snohomish County Developmental Disabilities Social Security Benefits Assistance Program can help you understand how work affects your Social Security benefits (SSI and SSDI) and help you keep those benefits while you're working. The Specialist will also help you use the Work Incentive programs to help pay for work-related expenses.

    The Benefits Specialist may help you:

    • Meet your employment goals.
    • Understand how earnings affect SSI, SSDI, and other programs.
    • Understand what work incentives are available, including PASS & IRWE.
    • Understand how to use those work incentives.
    • Walk through the maze of benefits and resources.
    • Access Social Security.
    • Assist with SSI problems.

    Social Security Work Incentives may help you:

    • Be able to work and keep your benefits.
    • Keep your Medicaid and Medicare.
    • Retain more of your Social Security cash benefits.
    • Pay for work-related expenses.
    • Work Incentives.


    • Be a client of the Division of Developmental Disabilities.
    • Live in Snohomish County.
    For more information contact Melinda Bocci at 425-388-7259.