Kindergarten Program Opportunities in Everett Public Schools

    The state of Washington funds full-day kindergarten at all elementary schools within the district. The instructional day is 6 hours 15 minutes and provides time for extended learning experiences.
    All kindergarten programs participate in WaKIDS:  Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills. WaKIDS is a process for welcoming students and their families to kindergarten, and for assessing children's strengths and development. During the first three days of the school year, children and parents participate in a personal meeting with the teacher, as well as other activities to promote the child's confidence and make the transition into kindergarten more seamless and successful. See the WaKIDS flyer for more details.
    Other kindergarten program options:

    The Lighthouse Cooperative is a K-5 community located at Jefferson Elementary, built on parent involvement in the classrooms. For more information visit their website at or email them at

    Port Gardner Parent Partnership is an optional program that provides support for home school families, and is located adjacent to Sequoia High School. For more information, call 425-385-5150 or visit their website



    Choosing a different school

    You may request to have your child attend kindergarten at a school that is outside of your designated attendance area. This is called requesting a school transfer.
    • School transfer forms are available in your school office, on the district website, or by calling 425-385-4070.  
    • School transfers for kindergarten may be submitted during open enrollment between January 1 and June 1.    
    • School transfers are approved or denied by the principal after considering enrollment and other factors.  Notification of school transfer approval or denial may not come until the end of August, just before school begins.   
    • Parents must provide transportation for kindergarten programs outside their neighborhood school area.

    To request a school transfer for kindergarten:

    1. At your neighborhood school, you must:
      Register for kindergarten
    2. At the school you are requesting to attend, you must:
      Submit a school transfer request