Software Center - Windows 10

  • Software Center Working in Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10, requires a change in practice for updating computers, software, and applying security releases, specifically for mobile devices.

    • Frequently, there is a need to update for security and functionality purposes. These updates send a notice which allows staff and students to update their devices prior to a deadline or the computer will update and restart sometime after deadline automatically.
      • This is currently required to be completed within the district.
      • Device needs to be plugged in.
      • Can take from 5 -40 minutes depending on the size of the update.
    • Less often, like a smartphone, the actual device manufacturer solves bugs and enhances functionality. An update to the device may be what was is called a BIOS update or it may be an update to a driver.
      • BIOS and driver updates are not forced onto the computer at a given time.
      • Timing on these device updates is at the discretion of the end user and requires going to the Software Center in Windows 10.
      • The first step in troubleshooting issues if a device is not working properly, is making certain the last BIOS release or driver update is installed.
    • Software that needs to be added or updated on a device is often simply added to the Software Center in Windows 10.
      • Timing on adding software is at the discretion of the end user and requires going to the Software Center in Windows 10.

    It is also important that staff log in weekly on their tablets within the district. This keeps assures the battery is working properly and keeps the devices registered in the network and able to be tracked if lost or stolen. 

    1. Simply type Software Center into the search field.

    2. Select to view Applications by list and you can see which applications have not been installed on your computer.

    Not all updates may apply to you. Messaging will be sent to your building or department to highlight relevant options.

    Printable directions