District Device Inventory

  • Our community has equipped our staff and students with technology through the approval of Everett's technology levies. The capital levies allow Everett Public Schools to expand beyond operational technology. Technology that enriches teaching, learning and assessment requires an investment in infrastructure, software, printers, and classroom-level devices ranging from desktops, mobile computers, projection, and sound for classrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, libraries, and performance spaces.

    From pre-school to graduation students grow in their need for more powerful computers. Everett has designed the 1:1 computer initiative to match student need with the processing power of their device. The district has policies and procedures related to acceptable use of technology. These are in place for students and staff.

    Click on the link here to view the policy dealing with all technology including personal devices in Everett Public Schools.

    Link below to learn more about the devices utilized throughout the district.

Learn more about EPS devices

Personal Devices